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A zero-carbon energy solution that is available, scalable, and resilient.

Renewable hydrogen paired with geologic storage.

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Hydrogen, the first element on the periodic table and the lightest in nature is ready to make a hefty impact. Hydrogen can solve our greatest energy challenges, make our grid more resilient, and help energy-intensive sectors decarbonize.

At Hy Stor Energy, we’re creating fully integrated renewable hydrogen ecosystem solutions for the production, storage, and delivery of zero-carbon energy at scale.

With these three essential elements of our platform, Hy Stor Energy is delivering a resilient zero-carbon future today by:

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– Håkon Volldal, President & CEO of Nel ASA
“Without ambitious pioneers, decarbonization at scale will not happen. Pioneers aim to do today what most people say can’t be done until the next decade. To me, Hy Stor is such a bold pioneer: Its holistic model, which combines renewable hydrogen production, storage and transportation at a massive scale, will enable unparalleled carbon emission reductions and leave in its wake a blueprint for successful, large-scale energy transition projects. Nel is honored and thrilled to be Hy Stor’s electrolyzer partner. Not only do we have the opportunity to collaborate with driven and knowledgeable people, but it all happens in a constructive and respectful atmosphere where the goal is to move forward at tremendous speed and yet find win-win solutions for everyone involved.”
– Pascal Baylocq President and CEO Geostock Holding SA
“Over the past decades, GEOSTOCK has worked with the management team of Hy Stor Energy and was involved in the development of large scale salt gas storage in various places in the Gulf Coast Region. Based on that experience, we believe that Hy Stor Energy is uniquely qualified to undertake and deliver this ambitious and ground-breaking green energy project.”
– Dan Pastor, P.E. Senior Vice President Special Project Tetra Tech
“Tetra Tech has worked extensively with the Hy Stor Energy staff over the past decade to design, permit, and build large scale underground gas storage and distribution facilities in salt formations in multiple locations around the United States. Based on that experience, we believe Hy Stor Energy is uniquely qualified to undertake and deliver this ambitious and groundbreaking green energy project.”

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